Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer- Dr. Unique Hale

Dr. Unique Hale is a native of Rockingham County, NC, she is the first born of 4 children. Dr. Hale is a devoted wife of Dr. James Hale since the year of 1996. Dr. Hale holds a Doctorate in Ministry whereby she sees serving others in any capacity a ministry. The word ministry is noted as “Even if you do not lead a religious community, you can still have a ministry, as the word means to provide information or services about an organization or cause.” The charity can have a ministry that serves people in various ways.

Besides Dr. Hale being the CEO of CORMII CDC (a food pantry, resources and more) she is also a , she is also a training facilitator for classes such as ServSafe, Store Rescue Project and Grants Discussion classes. Dr. Hale’s childhood dream was to become a teacher and that dream has come to true. For many that know Dr. Hale well, knows her as a Teacher, Life Coach, Spiritual Mother, Role Model and an Event Planner. She carries floral, interior and exterior designing under her belt. She is an individual that has always overflowed with joyfulness from a very young age and she always carry a smile everywhere she goes. If you ever find her not smiling it’s perhaps, she’s carefully pondering on something very important.

Dr. Hale wears many hats and one other hat being that of a marriage talk show host called “InterWoven PopUps!” Dr. Hale love being around others with the same passion of giving back to the community. In the year of 2021, she became a board member of God’s Helping Hands food pantry located in Western Rockingham County (Madison, NC).

In Dr. Hale’s own words: When I meet someone in need, I believe that the famine is finally over for that person or family, and there will be no more drought or lack especially in the area of food insecurity. As “The Purpose Teacher,” I believe that I am here on purpose, with a purpose to help you with your purpose.

Chairperson– Dr. James Hale

Dr. James Hale is a native of Rockingham County. He is the devoted husband of Dr. Unique Hale since the year of 1996. He is also a Army Veteran. Dr. Hale is a full time employee with Old Dominion Freight Line since the year of 2000. Dr. Hale holds a Doctorate in Ministry. Dr. Hale loves grilling, gardening and fishing; he’s definitely an outdoors man. He is well known as a Teacher, Mentor, Spiritual Father and a Role Model. Dr. Hale is an easy going gentleman which love seeing others smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves. 

In Dr. Hale’s own words: I just love seeing a smile on peoples face as I serve my Rockingham County, Community.

Vice-Chairperson- Mr. Travis Hayes

Mr. Hayes in the year of 2019 transferred from Greensboro, NC  to Eden, NC and began working as the Membership Director at both the Eden Family YMCA of Eden, NC and the Western Rockingham YMCA of Mayodan, NC. In early 2020 Mr. Hayes moved and made his permanent residence in Eden, NC. Not long after moving to the City of Eden, the YMCA underwent organizational restructuring due to financial implications caused by the Covid dilemma and his position was absorbed. At that  time Travis had become very fond of County and made the decision to remain in Rockingham County. Mr. Hayes set his focus on serving the community. He started a small ministry and offered weekly services at the YMCA. In addition to weekly services Mr. Hayes and others started providing a free community fellowship meal once a month at the Y. Mr. Hayes is very active and he likes to get out and engage with the homeless people in the Rockingham County community.  Mr. Hayes engages the homeless by providing food and resources as well as conversation and fellowship.

In Mr. Hayes’ own words: First and foremost I am a child of God and my identity is found in Christ. I believe that love, honesty, serving, and unity should be at the forefront of all that we do. It is with great pride that I say I am a father of two wonderful adult sons and one very intelligent young daughter. I have a deep love for my family, and a passion for serving my community (Rockingham County).

Secretary- Ms. Jasmine Johnson

Ms. Johnson wears many hats. She is also an active volunteer in the community of Rockingham County, NC. Ms. Johnson has a heart to look for various ways to help within community, whether it be locating free resources or looking for places to collect donations. Ms. Johnson loves networking and collaborating on developing new and innovated ideas.

In Ms. Johnson’s own words: My passion is to see children and families well served. Also, I love to ensure that they have access to the necessary resources that will help support their immediate need. I adore my role as a secretary and project/program teamster, being a part of such a wonderful group of people is amazing. I love being among those that are passionate about helping others. Serving my community and watching people smile makes my heart happy; it is an enormous blessing. I love serving of the board of CORMII Community Development Corporation.

Assistant Secretary/Reidsville, NC Representative– Dr. Emma King

Dr. King is the Founder and Motivational Speaker of Vision of Faith Outreach Ministry  Dr. King is very active within the Rockingham County community. She is continuing to make a difference in the community by doing what she loves. Dr. King is also an Ordained Minister and a Licensed Chaplain. Dr. King enjoys the various roles that she play on the CORMII CDC board.

In Dr. Kings own words: My passion is reaching out to help families in need of all blessings due to them.

Treasurer- Mr. Deyontae Bowers

Mr. Bowers was born in Reidsville North Carolina. His heart’s passion is to help people in the Rockingham County community with all the various resources so they will be knowledgeable of such available help if needed. Mr. Bowers desires that every individual and every family should have nothing to worry or be concerned when it comes to living well. As the treasurer for CORMII CDC, Mr. Bowers is now bringing his passion of helping others to fruition

Mr. Bowers’s states: It is a blessing to be a part of something that is truly helping the community and in so many ways. I am grateful and thankful to help contribute to the overall need of the Rockingham County community.

Eden, NC Representative-Mrs. Mona Lisa McCorkle
Reidsville, NC Representative- Dr. Brenda Hopper

Dr. Brenda Hopper is a Pastor that serves the Reidsville, NC and surrounding communities. Dr. Hopper is excited about being on the Board of CORMII Community Development Corporation as one of the Reidsville’s representatives with a voice to share ideas that will help many in the county community. Her desire is to see people healed and restored not only from a spiritual standpoint, but in all areas of life.

In Dr. Hoppers own words: It is a pleasure to be a part of CORMII CDC, being a part of something that is help making a difference in the lives of so many people. We come together to help others, and help make our community better, one person or one family at a time.

Reidsville, NC Representative- Ms. Tonya Hooper

Ms. Tonya Hooper was born in Reidsville, North Carolina and graduated from Reidsville Senior High School. Ms. Hooper is an very outgoing individual. She has also attended GTCC and received an Associates. Ms. Hooper later transferred to North Carolina A&T State University. In Ms. Hooper’s junior year she was awarded an internship at Essence Magazine working in their Advertising Department. This was a big accomplishment for her that she chosen to be among ten individuals from across the United States. The Reidsville News made sure she was recognized for such great accomplishment. After receiving this award she went on to the big city of New York and worked in the middle of Times Square, 1500 Broadway! This was an adventure for a country girl; In one of the biggest city in the US! This inspired and boosted her confidence to another level. She became a Leader!!! Ms. Hooper worked the entire time she was in school with the following Greenboro, NC companies, “Dudley Products and United Healthcare” where she was later promoted to her own department and team! Ms. Hooper has always been a leader and this is where her roots and passion really began! She continued at NC A&T State University learning about Business Marketing! 

Ms. Hooper later realized that she wasn’t satisfied and wanted that big city experience. She always told her Mom she wanted to live in Washington, DC however she ended up in Atlanta, Georgia! She worked for Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. At that time Ms. Hooper worked directly for Alan Greenspan who was known for setting interest rates for the United States when he was in office. Ms. Hooper also worked as a Project Manager with Imaging Technologies, she managed several accounts however her top account was Chick-Fil-A! She also went on to manage several businesses in Atlanta, Georgia even a Construction Company. In the year of 2015 she opened her first business which was a restaurant that was open until the last ending of Pandemic.  That didn’t stop Ms. Hooper because she currently owns a construction company called Evolution Construction & Contracting and some of the services offered are Credit restoration to help clients with new home ownership. The company offers renovations in home and commercial projects.

Ms. Hooper currently has a dual residency in Atlanta, GA and Greensboro, NC! She works with her Mother Dr. Neleeta Alexander at Cornerstone Christian Center in Reidsville, NC.

In Ms. Hooper’s own words: I have a passion for people and to help them. I have always been a giver. I love my roots here in North Carolina! I decided in January of 2022 to move closer to home to give services to the community within my mother’s 501c3 Non-profit organization and I was soon awarded “Director of Outreach.” I currently serve as administrator over our local outreach in regards to all of the food needs. This is for Cornerstone Christian Center located here in Rockingham County. My passion is giving back in any way possible as long as the results bring forth a statewide resolution to the current hunger problem and to help people in need. Last but not least, I bring to Rockingham County fresh ideas for my community and I am very excited to see them develop!  

Reidsville, NC Representative- Dr. Neleeta Alexander

Dr. Alexander is a native of Reidsville, NC. Dr. Alexander grew up on a rural farm with her parents and two brothers. Although her family wasn’t big and lived in poverty, Dr. Alexander had a rich family because she had a loving family. Dr. Alexander now has a daughter and a son of her own; and she knows very well what it is to be a single parent. After her successful study at Living Epistle Bible College 2.0 Dr. Alexander recieved her Doctor’s Degree in Theology. She now does all she can with the help of others to educate the community in various areas for a successful life.

In Dr. Alexander’s own words: My mission is to bring new jobs to the city, to enable people to be self sufficient, to do housing, and whatever else can be done to make Reidsville and the surrounding areas better. I don’t want my living to have been in vain.

Western Rockingham County, NC Representative-Mrs. Susan Griffith Vernon

Mrs. Vernon was born and raised in Eden NC. Mrs. Vernon is married to Howard Vernon and has two children (LeAndre Wilder and Isaac Paschal). Mrs. Vernon’s roots have always been connected to Rockingham County since 1973.  She has always been in the medical field and in healthcare. Mrs. Vernon worked at Morehead Hospital from 1974 until 1991 in the Respiratory Therapy and the originated Morehead Hospitals Cardiac Stress Lab. She also assisted with the Endoscopies and Colonoscopies.  Mrs. Vernon also worked at Genesis Medical as General Manager and Director of Operations from 1990 -2007.  Mrs. Vernon was the President and Owner of DRS Medical Supply, Inc. from 2004 until 2014 when she sold the business and retired. In 2016 Mrs. Vernon started volunteering in the Food Pantry at SPHC and during the same year became a 501C3 entity, but later came out from under SPHC.  

In Mrs. Vernon’s own words: I started a Thrift Store and we out grew our space as with praying we moved to Madison Rockingham Square shopping Center  708A Chief Martin Rd Madison  NC 27025 and we became “GODS HELPING HANDS FOOD PANTRY/THRIFT STORE!” GOD is Blessing our Food Pantry and Thrift Store beyond measure. My passion has always been to help others and make life better for others and sharing with them blessings that GOD has blessed me with. There are blessings indescribable in helping others and making life less stressful and less worrisome.  It is my sincere passion that no one goes to bed hungry and that anything that GODS HELPING HANDS DOES FOR OTHERS all Glory and Honor and Praise goes to my Heavenly Father no gratification of my own. Every opportunity we get to share JESUS with others is fine. We have Free Bibles for the clients and anyone that shops in the store, free for those that doesn’t have a Bible to learn more of JESUS and to grow to be more like Him.  My life has been very rewarding helping others in need and blessing them with GODS BLESSINGS. 

Food and Nutritional Representative/Food as Medicine– Ms. Nadine Ojeda (Bilingual)

Ms. Ojeda is a current Bilingual Community Health Worker for Cone Health at the Clara F. Gunn Center in Reidsville.  Rockingham County has been Ms. Ojeda’s home for the past 15 years, when she chose to move here from out of state. Since then Rockingham County has always been exactly what she was looking for. Ms. Ojeda and her family moved here because she wanted some peace and because which is a plus for her being a nature lover. Ms. Ojeda got tired of buildings and noise and crowds. She eventually moved to Reidsville, and she has been here ever since.

Ms. Ojeda states: My community welcomed me with open arms and has helped my family and I through hard times which I am forever grateful. People here are friendly, kind and so very strong.  I welcome the opportunity to give back. Working at Clara F. Gunn Center has made it possible for me to be able to help others without judgment, touching lives one person at a time.

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