Thanks for helping us, help the community!

What better time than now, to give into the cause of bringing a community out of despair!


Published by cormiicdc501c3

WHO IS CORMII COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION? We are a 501c3 Nonprofit Public Charitable Organization Everything you donate is tax deductible WHAT DO CORMII COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION DO FOR THE COMMUNITY? With our all annual year long operation “THE FAMINE IS OVER” we provide food and any other essentials to those in need. Our annual year long operation consist of different projects/programs from one month to the next, all which is within the year long operation “The Famine is Over.” This operation is to assure that no one's need goes unmet on our clock. One day of the week we gather to furnish goods to the Rockingham County Community in North Carolina. Outside of the one day of the week, we can still be reached to assist if in need. For more details and to partner with us contact us: CORMII COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION 1309-D NORTHUP STREET Reidsville, NC 27320 (336) 497-1601 Operation “The Famine is Over” Seeing a future bright for people in the community is of utmost value.

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